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World’s First Courier Company which does not own any warehouses,
vehicles or courier personnel’s; it functions as a catalyst which receives
percentage service fees in conjunction with every booking.

Book Third Party Courier
From Source To Destination

A Unique Model of Logistics where you are neither involved at the point of collection nor at the final delivery.

Send Courier
From You To Someone

A Mode of Logistics where you are booking a courier from your origin to the receiving party.

Receive Courier
From Someone To You

A Mode of Logistics where you are booking a courier to be collected from the receiving party to your origin.

Servicio Concept

What makes SERVICIO different from other Courier Companies - We believe in adding a human touch to your need connecting life to life.

The amount you pay for using our service is majorly passed on to an another human involved in the operations of your shipments who is not an employee of SERVICIO but a Common Man who is a registered user of the SERVICIO app.

We believe in welfare of the society and hence motivate each participant at SERVICIO to benefit not only monetary wise but also through our unique royalty programme.

Your Payment is a direct earning for any human being. Our unique app allows any individual to use self-owned mortobike/vehicle as an earning tool to deliver goods booked under a courier mode.


Couriers We Handle

Print / Media

Testimonials Client said about Servicio

Servicio provides competitive prices with clear bifurcation for charges per shipment.
Ganesh Murlidhar - HR Head Creativesaints
Servicio solves our logistics problem by providing one process for any courier company.

Pricing table Our delivery method

Delivery services
Package type Day One way Day Return Standard One way Standard Return Urgent One way Urgent Return
12/kg 25/kg 20/kg 35/kg 32/kg 50/kg
2/kg 4/kg 10/kg 18/kg 20/kg 36/kg
Print / Media
8/kg 15/kg 12/kg 20/kg 18/kg 30/kg
10/kg 18/kg 20/kg 32/kg 30/kg 50/kg
30/kg 56/kg 50/kg 90/kg 100/kg 180/kg
FMCG / Personal Care
18/kg 30/kg 24/kg 40/kg 32kg 50/kg
Hardware / Stationary
110/kg 190/kg 190/kg 300/kg 250/kg 400/kg

*Packages below 1 kg is calculated to be 1kg